19th Mar 2021

With the hope and elation of lockdown lifting, here at 18 St John Street we have decided to use the excitement to encourage us to get fit whilst giving back.

Now that normality is (hopefully) looming, many of the members and the staff in our chambers have signed up to complete 5K of exercise, 5 days a week for 4 weeks and donate to charity based on how much we manage to accomplish.

We wanted to donate to charities that are connected to our practice areas so, for that reason, we have decided to split the funds between certain charities which all have a special place in our heart, here at the Chambers. We will reveal each charity we’ll be splitting our funds between each week of the challenge – so keep a look out for our first reveal next week!

We’re being flexible in our fundraising approach though and not everyone involved will have to get sweaty. Some will be running, cycling or walking and some are even starting the Couch to 5K challenge, but others may be doing a crochet or a writing challenge – so whether it’s fitness of the body or fitness of the brain, we wanted to challenge it for charity.

We can’t wait to see what we manage to achieve and to raise for these (soon to be revealed) charities. Keep your eyes peeled for our next #fitnessforfundraising update!