18 St John Street Chambers provides a specialist and dedicated Regulatory and Disciplinary team. These chambers have become one of the few in the country to offer the services of a special interest group to solicitors in road transport. Mark Laprell, Toby Sasse and Rachel Faux in particular, have in recent years, been the prime movers. The dedicated team has been expanded in response to increasing demand for specialist advice at all levels.

We appreciate solicitors practising in regulation and discipline wish to instruct practitioners at the bar wish specialist knowledge. We therefore appreciate the overlap which exists between criminal proceedings and regulatory proceedings. We also appreciate the importance of specialist knowledge in areas which is amongst the most regulated in the country.

Members of the team offer advice and advocacy services in the following areas:

· Public Inquiries
· Appeals to the Transport Tribunal
· Health and Safety prosecutions
· Environment Agency proceedings
· Medical and Education professionals disciplinary hearings

We pride ourselves on providing a specialist service for both the prosecutor and the prosecuted, the regulator and the regulated. We aspire to always be approachable and are more than happy to discuss clients’ general needs as well as individual cases.

We regard regulation and discipline as distinct practice areas in which solicitors and clients require advice and advocacy services in both the criminal and regulatory fields. We offer representation in relation to criminal proceedings from the Magistrates’ Court to the Crown Court and throughout the Appellate Courts up to the Supreme Court. We act on behalf of the VOSA, the Health and Safety Executive, the Environment Agency, The General Medical, Nursing and Midwifery and Health Professionals Councils, the Crown Prosecution Service and individual drivers and hauliers in criminal proceedings. In the regulatory field, we conduct hearings before the Traffic Commissioners and before the Upper Tribunals.


We offer in-house seminars, typically on a weekday at 5pm. All our speakers are accredited by the Bar Council and The Law Society.

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Regulatory & Disciplinary SPECIALISTS