Paul Treble

Year of Call: 1994



1982-1985 University of Sheffield BSc (Sp) Hons 1st Class
1992-3 Manchester Metropolitan University CPE Commendation
1993-4 Inns of Court School of Law Very Competent
Sir Thomas Moore Bursary 1994
Sir Thomas Moor Bursary 1993
Hardwick Entrance Scholarship 1993
Hossein Farmy Scholarship 1985
Laverick-Webster-Hewitt Prize 1985

A science graduate, Paul came to the bar via the private sector working with a number of FTSE 100 companies such as British Airways, Glaxo and Nat West.

He was called to the bar in 1994 and since then has developed an extensive practise both home and abroad. After a spell as a partner in a local firm of solicitors, he re-joined the bar and picked his practice up where he left off.

Considering his love of travel, he has been fortunate to have practised both home and abroad, doing several high profile cases in the Falkland Islands.

He is efficient and personable and easy to work with, a professional but one who hasn’t forgotten that common touch. He has an eye for detail but knows what the key issue in his case is and what the tribunal wants to hear.

As an experienced and able advocate, Paul has prosecuted and defended some of the most serious cases on circuit. His current practice is detailed below. A trademark of his practice though is his personal touch with his clients (or complainants, if prosecuting). He is well known for his sensitivity, communication skills and clarity with even the most difficult of clients. His policy is that it is important that the advocate doesn’t forget that one is dealing with an individual; an individual with a family and he is at pains to answers concerns and worries of those family members (with client permission).

Recently he has carved a niche in cases involving vulnerable clients and complainants and was the one of the first counsel to conduct a trial under the vulnerable witness procedure (“section 28” cases). He now regularly conducts “section 28” hearings and trials and is well experienced in matters involving an intermediary. Paul is well suited to such cases, due to his understanding and experience of the needs of such individuals.

Paul also practices in the Coroners’ Court. His scientific background has helped enormously with him adapting to the inquisitorial system and in particular with the wealth of scientific evidence in such cases.

He is mindful of the ramifications of a rule 43 order and has been involved in identifying best practice and how procedures can be improved.



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Paul represented the defendant in a Murder trial involving the death of a two year old child where the case had issues involving Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

Instructed alone without a leader, for a man accused of murdering his wife and burying her in the back garden which ultimately resulted in a manslaughter sentence rather than the far more serious life sentence for murder. He frequently Is instructed in serious sexual cases an example where Paul represented a man on trial for serial historical sexual assaults that involved extensive cross examination of nine different female complainants in a trial that lasted several weeks.

Recently he represented a man charged with death by dangerous driving whilst trying to escape from a gangster who was ramming his vehicle and a man accused of  robbing and fatally shooting a well known victim.

Paul is often instructed in organised crime matters where the Crown regularly rely on extensive scientific evidence such a cell site mapping, DNA evidence, scientific tracking or facial mapping. The thorough comprehension of such evidence is important in mounting a successful challenge to this part of the prosecution case and is something in which, Paul’s scientific background, allows him to excel.

Other recent cases have involved representing a young woman charged with murder with a sexo-sadistic element, prosecuting a sex ring where a young 14 year old girl was sexually abused and prostituted by 10 men and a people trafficking case that was featured as a double page spread in the Observer.

Paul has represented a chief of police accused of corruption, a famous boy band and several professional sportsmen. He has acted for companies and individuals in proceedings brought by the health and safety executive, the department of work and pensions and the department of environment.

Cases within the last four months

Junior Counsel in a multi defendant (8) gangland murder trial representing the man alleged to have been the gunman. The case involved coaxing a rival gang member over to Liverpool, where he was robbed at gun point. A chase ensued and the victim was fatally shot. The case involved extensive telecommunication and cell siting evidence. The defendant was a vulnerable individual and Paul was instrumental in obtaining an intermediary for when he gave his evidence. January/February 2020.

Prosecuting a man who had rang the police to confess that he was being forced to supply drugs and store a gun. The interesting feature was relating to his confess and whether that amounted to exceptional circumstances to avoid the minimum term. It was held not to be and so the defendant received the statutory minimum term of five years imprisonment.

Representing a defendant charged with the historic rape and systematic sexual abuse of his sister. The case involved cross referencing a number of documents to try and highlight inconsistencies in when the matter was reported. The case was exacerbated as the defendant had an organic brain injury which made communication very difficult. December 2019

Defending in a duress of circumstances case lasting two weeks, where the defendant’s vehicle crashed into a car driven by a mother of three, with her husband and two young children in the car. The mother sadly, was killed while the husband and children were seriously injured. The defence was the defendant was trying to escape a well-known gangster who was ramming his car as he tried to escape. November 2019.

Representing a man who accepted raping his cousin several times over several years (2006-2008) when he was aged 10-12 and his cousin was aged 7-9. This case involved a very difficult and complex sentencing exercise which in the end for the offence of raping of a child under 13, the prison sentence was suspended. November 2019.

Prosecuting a man for sexually assaulting his stepdaughter within the family home. The interesting feature was the way in which the defendant manipulated the family unit and attempted to isolate the young victim thereby increasing her vulnerability. This was a s28 case and great care was taken in assisting the complainant in the giving of her evidence (October 2019).

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June 2018 Liverpool :Law Society the difficulties in historical sex cases.







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