21st Dec 2021

At number 5 of our 12 Blogs of Christmas Countdown is an article about a charity we have continued to support for many years – Wood Street Mission.

We are delighted to have been able to raise once again a significant amount of money that will help so many families in need in the Salford and Manchester areas.

We spoke with one of the volunteers who provided an insight into exactly how the charity works in the lead up to Christmas.

“Once we have received your donations, we will sort the items into age categories and then according to value, ready for us to then distribute to families. We don’t wrap the gifts because we think it’s important that they can choose the gifts to suit their children. When the families come to Wood Street, one of our team will be their “personal shopper” and help them to select gifts for their children. Each child will get 3 gifts each, plus extra festive goodies like chocolate selection boxes, and we also try to provide wrapping paper too. There is nothing on the gifts that identify them as being from Wood Street Mission, so the parents/guardians can decide what they tell their children e.g. the gift is from them, or it’s from Father Christmas etc.”

18 St John Street will continue to support Wood Street Mission throughout the year.

Some of the presents we collected for Wood street Mission 2021

18 St John Street’s opening times over the festive period can be found by clicking here.