30th Mar 2020

A letter from our Head of Chambers, Richard Chapman QC.
We are here for you.

Dear All,

I hope you, your colleagues and your families are well.

These are extraordinary times. There is a simple message which I would like to communicate to all our clients. We are here for you.

This takes three key forms.

First, you are able to contact us in all the ways you always have. We have a skeleton staff within the building in order to ensure that we are able to deal with anything that requires a physical presence in Chambers. Of course, we are monitoring this in line with Government guidance. We also have the technology to ensure that our clerking and administration staff can be reached on the same telephone numbers and emails that they always have been (as set out at the bottom of this letter) with the same secure access to information and documents which they would have in the building. Our Barristers can also be reached via the Chambers numbers and by their own email addresses.

Secondly, we are able to provide you with the same personalised service that we always strive to achieve. We have the capacity to arrange and host virtual video or telephone meetings for the purposes of individual conferences with our Barristers, advocate meetings, mediations, and court hearings on a wide variety of platforms. We can also offer you our technological support in this regard, particularly in respect of Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which are emerging as the most usable methods of video conferencing.

Thirdly, please contact us if you have any concerns, difficulties or requirements regarding court hearings, procedures or other matters relating to legal proceedings. We are in close contact with the Courts, other Chambers and all relevant bodies to ensure that our Barristers and staff are able to provide whatever assistance they can.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. As Head of Chambers, I often speak about the importance of the friendly community spirit within Chambers. This extends to the strong relationship we have with our clients and I am grateful for the part that you play in this.

With very best wishes,

Richard Chapman QC.

Contact details for our dedicated clerking and administration teams are as follows:

General Enquiries     clerks@18sjs.com    0161 278 1800
Business & Property Enquiries     businessproperty@18sjs.com    0161 278 8261
Civil Enquiries civil@18sjs.com 0161 278 8261
Criminal Enquiries crime@18sjs.com 0161 278 8262
Family Enquiries family@18sjs.com 0161 278 8263
Fees Team fees@18sjs.com 0161 278 8264