21st Mar 2023

Migration, Population Movement and the Rule of Law is the topic of an upcoming seminar hosted by The European Circuit and supported by 18 St John Street Chambers.

Migration, Population Movement and the Rule of Law – a Seminar

18 St John Street Chambers are supporting the forthcoming seminar which is taking place in Strasbourg at the European Court of Human Rights in May. ‘Human rights without frontiers? Migration, Population movement & the Rule of Law’ is hosted by The European Circuit.

“Across Europe, policy responses to migration and population movement are testing the boundaries of the rule of law and human rights principles. The war in Ukraine, and conflicts across Syria, Libya and Afghanistan have been potent ingredients in the mix. With climate change threatening the territory of entire island nations, handling large-scale population movement is a challenge European legal systems will be unable to avoid.” (The European Circuit Website)

European Court of Human Rights

The event tales place on 19th May 2023 at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. It is free to attend for members of the European Circuit of the Bar. The European Circuit is a cross-border association of lawyers ever keen to explore the regulatory and practice implications posed by cross-border phenomena. 

Our own Dr Mike Wilkinson helped organise the event. He commented: “If you are a lawyer and interested in cross-border issues, you are welcome to come. Tickets are being offered on a first-come-first-serve basis and it is free-to-attend for members of the European Circuit of the Bar. If you are not already member, you can join provided that you are a lawyer – or training to be one – and in Europe. Come! Join us! I hope to see you there!”


This hugely important event is being held at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France on 19 May 2023. The event attracts a panel of experts including: a keynote speech delivered by Judge Síofra O’Leary President of the ECHR, Judge Tim Eicke Judge of the ECHR, Judge Colm Mac Eochaidh Judge of the CJEU, Sonali Naik KC barrister, Sam Karim KC barrister, David Conlan Smyth SC barrister, Helena Wilson barrister and Adrian Berry barrister and patron of the UK Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association and Anda ARGYROPOULOU JHA Counsellor (Asylum, Irregular Migration, Returns), Permanent Representation of Cyprus to the EU.

Dr Wilkinson said: “This event will consider the strains placed on the rule of law and human rights by different policy responses to migration in an ever-changing world. The topics of migration and asylum continue to be front page news not only in the UK but across the globe. I am delighted that 18 St John Street Chambers have agreed to support this and I am very happy to help the European Circuit arrange an event to consider the issues faced by governments, legislators, litigants, lawyers and courts across Europe.”

“We have a hugely respected panel of experts providing their insights into how the world is coping and might cope with population movement and population displacement now and in the future.”

For more details of the event and how to attend please contact The European Circuit committee Member Dr Mike Wilkinson or visit The European Circuit “Human rights without frontiers? Migration, population movement & the rule of law