Robert Glancy KC *

Year of Silk: 1997

Year of Call: 1972

  • "Robert is a fund of knowledge and experience." "A first choice for the more difficult cases, he brings a wealth of experience and is prepared to fight."

    Chambers and Partners (2015) - Band 1

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Personal Injury Bar Association

  • "Robert is a fund of knowledge and experience." "A first choice for the more difficult cases, he brings a wealth of experience and is prepared to fight."

    Chambers and Partners (2015) - Band 1

Robert Glancy QC focuses exclusively on Personal Injury; Clinical Negligence and Professional Negligence. He has been in practice for over 40 years and has been a Silk for 15 of these. Throughout his career, Robert has gained extensive experience in acting mainly for claimants who have suffered catastrophic brain and spinal injury. He has particular expertise in acting for cerebral palsied children. Robert regularly successfully settles claims winning millions of pounds of compensation for injured people and their families. Recognised in the legal directories for his formidable skills as an advocate, Robert is also a CEDR accredited mediator and has considerable experience of mediation and ADR in substantial personal injury cases.

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Robert specialises in all aspects of Personal Injury. He is involved in numerous personal injury cases for brain damaged and paralysed Claimants. These include a claim for a male tetraplegic in his 30s which settled for over £7m. At the time, this was the largest personal injury claim against the Government ever. He settled a claim for over £5m for an infant tetraplegic. Robert fought a long trial for a Claimant in a fatal accident matter involving safety on a motor racing circuit. He has been involved in a trial which established important principles for the assessment of damages in the case of Tunnel Miners. He acted for a 17 year old tetraplegic which settled for several £million.

Recent settlements have included:

– £4.6m lump sum for a brain damaged 24 year old (Road Traffic case – 2012)
– £1.7m lump sum plus periodical payment of £108k per year about one-third of deductions for contributory negligence to a severely brain damaged 44 year old (Road Traffic case 2012)
– £1m lump sum settlement for a 50 year old tunnel miner (2012)
– £7m lump sum for a 25 year old who suffered severe brain damage (Road Traffic case 2012)
– £11m lump sum for a severely brain damaged 23 year old (Road Traffic case 2011)

Robert is well regarded for his work across a broad range of cases involving Employer Liability. This includes cases involving factories, schools, offices and tunnel miners.

Significant cases include:

– Rajib Nandi v Credit Suisse – Stress and bullying claim for city executive
– Green v DB Group Services (UK) Ltd – [2006] EWHC 1898 – Stress and bullying claim
– French v Sussex CC – [2006] EWCA Civ 312 – Police Force stress and bullying claim
– Hatton v Sutherland; Somerset County Council v Barber; Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council v Jones; Baker Refractories Ltd v Bishop – [2002] EWCA Civ 76 – Having considered four cases on appeal, the Court of Appeal set out guidelines for courts dealing with negligence claims against employers in circumstances where claimants were forced to stop work because of stress-induced psychiatric illness
– Perzow v Bourne Leisure Ltd – [2005] EWHC 1801 – Accidents; Defective premises; Liabilities; Public safety.
– Henry Webster (1) Joseph Webster (2) (through their mother and litigation friend, Elizabeth Webster) Elizabeth Webster (3) Roger Durnford (4) v The Ridgeway Foundation School
– Wattleworth v Goodwood Road Racing Co Ltd – [2004] EWHC 140 – Negligence; Personal injury; Sport
– Hanley v Stage & Catwalk Ltd (T/A Acorn Studios) & Others – [2001] EWCA Civ 1739
– Chappell v Imperial Design Limited – (2001) Env LR 593; (2001) Env LR 33 – (Although there were always real difficulties facing a party seeking to overturn an apportionment of negligent liability, the factual findings reached showed that although the claimant appreciated a risk of fire, he did not appreciate that his actions were likely to cause an explosion. Accordingly, the apportionment made was inappropriate.)
– Petrofina (UK) Ltd v Magnaload Ltd – [1984] Q.B. 127 – Insurance case
– Robert also is involved in a broad range of cases involving occupiers of amusement parks, schools and motor racing circuits

Robert is a highly experienced Silk who specialises in all aspects of Clinical Negligence and Professional Negligence. Most of Robert’s cases have been for Claimants and they generally involve cerebral palsied children or catastrophic injuries.

Recent settlements have included:

– £8m (circa) for failure to treat retinopathy (2011)
– £7m (circa) for failure to treat an acute infection leading to cerebral abscesses (2011)
– £800,000 (circa) for failure to diagnose malignant melanoma (2011)
– £7m (circa) for failure to act on mother’s complaints that she had gone into labour (2011)
– £5m (circa) for failure to check whether a teenager had a defective heart rhythm (2010)
Significant cases include:

– An NHS Trust v X – [2005] EWCA Civ 1145 – Medical treatment withdrawal
– CC v Blackpool, Flyde and Wyre Hospitals NHS Trust Queen’s Bench Division – [2009] EWHC 1791–Clinical negligence; Birth defects; Ultrasound scans
– Groom v Dr Selby – [2001] EWCA Civ 1522 – A claimant who gave birth to an “unwanted” disabled child as a result of her doctor’s failure to treat and advise her appropriately







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