Yasmin Kauser

Year of Call: 1999



College of Law Bar Vocational Certificate
University of Leicester LLB (Hons)


Family Law Bar Association (FLBA)
Inner Temple

Yasmin is a Family Law specialist, and practices exclusively in all areas of family law including public lawlaw, private law disputes, injunctions and ancillary relief work. She appears at all levels up to and including the High Court. Yasmin has a developing interest in representing clients with learning difficulties and those cases involving cultural issues in relation to dowry, forced marriage and international movement of children.

Yasmin has extensive experience of care proceedings. She regularly represents Local Authorities, parents, relatives and the children at all stages of the proceedings. Her experience includes cases involving chronic neglect, domestic violence, drug and alcohol misuse, non accidental injury, sexual abuse, witchcraft and honour based violence.

Yasmin also has significant experience in private law cases especially those involving protracted contact and residence dispute, removal from jurisdiction, international child movement and prohibited steps. Her experience includes cases involving allegations of domestic violence, honour based violence, substance misuse, sexual and emotional abuse, forced marriage, abduction and international movement. Her family work also includes injunctive proceedings.

In addition Yasmin also has experience in applications for financial remedy, applications pursuant to TOLATA and the Inheritance Act. She has experience of dealing with cases that have modest assets, and has a specialist interest in cases that involve a Dowry and Talak issues.

Yasmin has a developing interest in the matters regarding the Court of Protection acting for the Local Authority, the Official Solicitor and interested parties.

View Notable Cases

  • LA v R (2014)

(Care Proceedings, Placement Orders, Honour based violence). Represented the mother in a care case involving six children. The issues in this case were severe prolonged neglect, failure to protect, physical and sexual abuse, chaotic lifestyle, honour based violence perpetrated by the Father and his family towards the Mother and her children.

LA v L (2014) High Court

(Care Proceedings, Placement Order, Secure Accommodation). Represented the Father in a case involving long standing alcohol and drug abuse, failure to protect, non accidental injury, chronic neglect and sexual abuse. The child suffered with mental health issues and self harm.

LA v C (2014)

(Care Proceedings, Placement Order, Forced Marriage). Represented the Local Authority in successfully obtaining a Care and Placement Order for a young child. The issues in this case were sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, failure to thrive and forced marriage of the young mother. Mother suffered from psychological issues.

LA v A (2014)

(Interim Care Order). Represented a Bangladeshi Mother involving three children. Issues in the case included physical chastisement, inappropriate boundaries, failure to thrive. In addition and the children had learning difficulties including Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

K v D High Court (2013)

(Wardship Proceedings, Abduction, Prohibited Steps, Child Arrangements Order). Represented a Mother who had an arranged marriage in Pakistan. Upon arrival in the United Kingdom was forced to stay in a controlling, abusive marriage. Children were abducted from her care. Successfully argued that the children should be returned to Mother’s care with a child arrangements order for visiting contact to the Father.

S v T High Court (2014)

(Leave to remove Out of the Jurisdiction, Habitual Residence, Child Arrangements Order, Prohibited steps). Represented the Father in successfully preventing the removal of his son to a European Country and securing a child arrangements order for the child to visit and spend time with the Father.

M v A County Court (2014)

(Child Arrangements Order, Specific Issue, Change of name). Represented the Mother who had learning difficulties in a case involving emotional and physical abuse. Social worker involved due to longstanding concerns of Mother’s learning difficulties and how this impacted upon the Mother spending time with the children. Successfully challenged the expert’s recommendation and obtained child arrangements order to enable the children to spend time with the Mother with support from the extended family.

B v S (2014)

(Shared Care arrangements Order, Specific Issue, Intractable hostility). Represented the Father in a protracted contact dispute stemming over three years. Mother was hostile in allowing Father to spend any time with his daughter aged three. Successfully obtained a shared care arrangement whereby the child spends time with both parents.

K v T

(Financial Relief, Talak, Dowry). Represented a Muslim wife where there were issues in relation to the dowry and the Talak. Successfully challenged Husband’s assertion that Wife was not entitled to any financial claim as he had divorced her under the Islamic Law and had discharged his duties accordingly.

P v T

(Interim Spousal Maintenance, Financial Relief). Represented the wife in obtaining interim maintenance. Case involved moderate assets.







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