10th Oct 2022

Today marks the very important World Mental Health Day. The theme of the day is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority‘. We encourage everyone to watch out for each other in what has become an unusual time for us all. We are fortunate to have many supporting organisations in the UK not least:

Well being at the bar


World Health Organisation

All provide useful links to resources, such as practical guides for managing stress and tools for self-help and supporting others.

For Twitter followers #WorldMentalHealthDay provides a source of links and information.

We highlighted in our Mental Health Week Blog in May 2022 some very important issues and uplifting stories, all providing excellent support and information on many topics which could be affecting your mental health. Whether you are a Barrister, Pupil, Student, Solicitor, Client or work in the Legal Sector then please speak to someone if you are struggling.

A problem shared is often a problem halved and sometimes a problem solved.