28th Jan 2022

18 St John Street’s Andy Evans prosecuted and Paul Treble defended Kieran McLoughlin who was sentenced to a 23 year Extended Sentence yesterday in relation to five stabbings he committed as part of ten minute spree across Market Street, Manchester on Sunday January 12 2020.

All of his victims were begging and had the appearance of being homeless. Four were slashed to the face, causing permanent scarring. The defendant was unanimously convicted of all counts.

The prosecution involved considering hours of CCTV and Bodyworn Camera footage from over 20 different sources, to collate for the jury a clear picture of a chaotic and fast moving incident.

The case also involved forensic evidence including low-copy DNA in bloodstaining, reluctant civilian eyewitnesses, the evidential nature of foreign previous convictions and, prior to sentence, psychiatric assessment. In prosecuting Andy Evans also needed to convey the panic caused of a multiple victim stabbing event in the context of the terror threat present at the time.

In sentencing him, HHJ Smith described the offending as follows: ”in the course of an eight minute period the Defendant conducted a short but vicious campaign of cruel, cold calculated violence, which was as motiveless and mindless as it was malicious and malignant. A lock knife was used to slash the faces of four men and to stab a fifth. All this took place during a busy time in Manchester, the pavements busy with pedestrians.”

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