Elahe Youshani

Year of Call: 2005

  • ‘She has in-depth knowledge of personal injury matters.’

    Ranked: tier 1

    The Legal 500 (2018-19) - Northern Circuit - Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
  • 'Highly skilled when questioning experts.'

    Ranked: tier 1

    The Legal 500 (2020)


Withington Girls’ School
University of Manchester, LLB (Hons)
Inns of Court School of Law, BVC

Professional Memberships

Personal Injuries Bar Association
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
Northern Circuit

  • ‘She has in-depth knowledge of personal injury matters.’

    Ranked: tier 1

    The Legal 500 (2018-19) - Northern Circuit - Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
  • 'Highly skilled when questioning experts.'

    Ranked: tier 1

    The Legal 500 (2020)

Elahe has a wide-ranging civil practice and has a particular interest in all aspects of employment law and personal injury. She acts on behalf of Claimants, Defendant solicitors and insurers and Respondents.

In relation to personal injury litigation, she undertakes fast and multi track cases involving road traffic accidents, employers’ liability, highways claims, industrial disease and occupiers’ liability.  She has experience dealing with cases involving allegations of fraud, fundamental dishonesty and low velocity.

Elahe appears on trials, all types of applications and interim hearings (including CCMCs) both on and off circuit. She is dedicated to providing a quick and efficient turnaround on paperwork, providing clear yet thorough, practical and friendly advice.

Elahe is happy to provide CPD-accredited seminars to solicitors; she has provided in house seminars to solicitors on a variety of topics, ranging from updates on civil procedure to guidance on assessing damages.

She is bilingual in English and Persian (Farsi).

Elahe is a keen Manchester United supporter and enjoys many sports and activities; she has completed the Great Manchester Run on 3 previous occasions as well as more recently participating in Born Survivor and Rough Runner in 2017.  She also has an interest in a diverse variety of music.

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Re M: advising the Claimant, where M was a pedestrian who was hit by a bus, whilst at a pedestrian crossing. M sustained multiple injuries, including (but not limited to): a brain injury, multiple fractures of the skull and the skull base, cheekbone fractures, le fort 3 fracture, bilateral zygomatic fractures, small subdural haemorrhage, blunt abdominal liver trauma, collapsed lung, multiple rib fractures, soft tissue injuries, mild neurocognitive disorder, dental injuries, neuropsychological symptoms. Claim settled at £920,000.

Re H: representing the Claimant in a case in which there were multiple medical reports, but in particular, there were significant issues of causation between the parties as to the orthopaedic injuries caused by the index accident. Fraud was intimated. Claim settled at £85,000.

Re Q (2017): Acted for a Claimant where he suffered significant PTSD following a road traffic accident. Attended the CCMC, drafted the Schedule of Loss (involving a Blamire award) and advised the client in conference. This case involved complex issues as to causation, due to the Claimant’s age and his various medical conditions and history. Case settled at £175,000.

Re T (2016): Re T: advising the Claimant in conference. Whilst at work, T slipped on a greasy floor, put out his right hand to regain his balance, which unfortunately went into metal-cutting machine causing traumatic amputation of right little, ring and middle fingers. The amputations to the ring and little finger were terminalised. T suffered fracture to the intermediate phalanx of the right middle finger, with continued non-union of the joint. Despite treatment and surgery, there was ultimately no improvement of symptoms over time. T was left with 45% grip strength with associated ongoing pain,and permanent significant loss of amenity. T also suffered post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the index accident. Claim settled at £240,000.

Re G (2016): representing the Claimant at a CCMC and advising in conference in a case where, as a result of an accident at work, a foreign object hit and went into his eye, causing him to sustain an eye injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite a number of surgeries on the injured eye, G continued to suffer with ‘floaters’ and blurred vision, dry eye, and loss of peripheral vision and visual acuity impairment. Claim settled at £65,000.

S v B (2015): representing the Claimant at a CMC and CCMC and also drafting Part 35 questions. S sustained neck, back, right hip, right elbow and left scaphoid injuries. S had a complicated medical history which raised issues of causation as to the wrist injury. The claim settled at £115,000.

M v E (2013/2014): Successfully represented a Respondent charity in multi-day employment tribunal proceedings against claims of protected disclosure, whistleblowing and unfair dismissal. She advised and drafted a skeleton argument regarding resisting an appeal to the EAT.

Re S (2009): representing the Claimant, a 20-year-old female, in a claim arising out of an accident at work where S was using a grinding machine, slipped on biscuit crumbs on the floor that had been emitted from the machine, causing her hand to go into the machine. S sustained a crush / degloving compound comminuted fracture of the left index finger as well as psychological symptoms. S was advised she may require an amputation after she became 60 years of age. S was diagnosed as having 8% permanent functional impairment for the rest of her life and a 50% chance of developing osteoarthritis in the future. Claim settled at £100,000.







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