27th Oct 2020

The Court of Appeal have now handed down the long-awaited decision in Swift v Carpenter. Rather than go into the judgment in great detail, which has already been done at great lengths elsewhere, Gemma McGungle uses this update to provide an overview, alongside a worked example to assist in what, at first glance, doesn’t necessarily appeal to the mathematically illiterate among us.

Swift v Carpenter [2020] EWCA Civ 1295

Summary of the Appeal Findings

  • Roberts v Johnstone is no longer binding; “no longer capable in modern conditions of delivering fair and reasonable compensation”
  • Damages calculated on the basis of the additional capital cost of the purchase minus the present market value of the reversionary interest in the property.
  • The present market value of the revisionary interest is calculated using a “deliberately cautious” figure of a 5% annual rate of return over C’s life expectancy;
  • The guidance will rarely be departed from; only “in response to really significant changes”, for example in short life expectancy cases.

The New Calculation

There are 2 methods for calculating the reversionary interest. Here I provide worked example of what I consider to be the simplest method prior to the Ogden Table 35 being updated to account for the 5% discount rate.

Capital Sum x 1.05 to the power of – life expectancy:

New Property Price                    £600,000

Existing Property Price              £150,000

Life Expectancy                           20 years


Capital Sum:                                 £600,000 – £150,000 = £450,000

Reversionary Interest:               £450,000 x 1.05-20 = £169,600.27

Net Damages                               £280,399.73

There is a link within this article to a very simple Excel document that I have produced to do the sums for you. Using the a scientific calculator on an iPhone however, the calculation to get from net capital sum to reversionary interest is as follows:

£450,000 ÷ 1.05

Press xy button
Type in life expectancy

= Reversionary Interest

The link to download the Excel spreadsheet is here: Swift v Carpenter Calculator

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